The journey begins . . .

Near the beginning of summer, our heroes found themselves at Ty’s, in the small fishing village of Nenlast. Nenlast is a human village, on the shore of Lake Nen, one of the largest freshwater lakes on the continent. It is bounded to the north by the Winterbole Forest, home of the Tigerclaw Barbarians. A dwarf trade caravan had just arrived from the nearby dwarven outpost of Hammerfast to the south, bringing Helja and her wolf companion with it. Amergin and his companion, Dandelion, had been in town for a month, having completed a month-long self-imposed retreat, enjoying solitude in the Winterbole forest. Musial had just arrived, presumably collecting stories and legends from the people of the region. The arrival of the caravan had also brought the Tigerclaw Barbarians to Nenlast, to trade pelts and amber with the dwarves, in exchange for metal goods, weapons, armor, gems and jewelry, and stonecrafted artwork. The villagers of Nenlast traded dried fist for the same goods.

The villagers, barbarians, dwarves, and our heroes enjoyed a pint of craft dwarven beer at Ty’s, noticing a pair of young lovers, Connor and Tanahala, at a nearby table. A nearby Tigerclaw warrior picked a fight with Connor, and began beating him thoroughly. Musial intervened, provoking the intervention of the other Tigerclaw barbarians, followed by the dwarves (to their great joy). A massive barfight broke out, resulting in more than a few lumps on the head and bloody noses, but no permanent injury. Connor invited our heroes to his wedding the following evening. After Connor’s departure, Amergin noticed scorched handprints on the bottom of Connor’s stool, prompting suspicions that Connor was more than he seemed . . .

Our heroes spent the day inquiring about the boy, to little avail. The lakeside wedding ceremony was simple and beautiful, but right after the couple raised their hands before the witness to celebrate their union, a single perfectly-placed arrow flew out of the darkness, killing Tanahala. Chaos ensued. Our heroes led a mob of villagers and barbarians toward the source of the arrow, the edge of the Winterbole forest, dodging more arrows and slaying an attacking wolf. They found a shooting spot, but the tracks in the area raised more questions than provided answers. After turning back toward the lakeshore, they discovered that everything within several hundred feet of the wedding ceremony had been instantly and inexplicably incinerating, leaving only ash, smoke, steam, and smell of burnt wood and flesh.



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